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Montana Legal Information

Medical Marijuana Info

Please note: At this time, marijuana use is a crime, punishable by hefty fines and lengthy jail time in the state of Montana. If you've been charged with a marijuana offense, please don't rely on this website (or any other) for your legal advice. Get yourself a lawyer! (You may be able to find one on our Sympathetic Lawyers Page).
  • Legal Tips - There is no substitute for having a lawyer represent you when you get into trouble, but these paraphrased excerpts from Richard Boire's "Marijuana Law" book may help you avoid trouble in the first place, or from making the trouble you're in get worse than it needs to.
  • Montana Marijuana Penalties - not to be used as an official legal reference, but it should be useful to both users who want to know what they're risking, and to the general public to learn more about the resources being wasted on incarcerating marijuana offenders.
  • Sympathetic Lawyers Page - Free advertising for lawyers interested in representing people accused of marijuana offenses. Lawyers, please add yourself to the database.


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