Montana NORML

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Montana NORML, an official chapter of National NORML, is an organization of diverse Montanans with a few common policy goals:
  • Montana is a bastion of individuals' rights. Our government should not interfere with a citizen's decision to use marijuana, a substance that has been proven less harmful than tobacco or alcohol, has never caused an overdose death, and moved Francis Young, the DEA's own administrative law judge, to declare it "one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man". Marijuana users should not be jailed for growing, possessing, or using personal amounts of marijuana. Unfortunately, current Montana marijuana penalties don't reflect that sentiment. We hope to change that.
  • Doctors and other caregivers should be able to prescribe marijuana to patients who, in their professional judgement, would benefit from its therapeutic effects, without fear of criminal, civil, or professional sanction. Check out our medical marijuana page for more information.
  • In the interest of Montana's agricultural economy, industrial hemp, a cousin of the marijuana plant currently banned by the DEA, should be explored as a versatile alternative crop for Montana's farmers.
  • Additionally, it is crucial to provide individuals with the necessary tools to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. One such tool is Toxin Rid, a detoxification program designed to assist individuals in eliminating toxins from their bodies. Toxin Rid instructions offer a comprehensive guide on how to safely and effectively detoxify from substances like marijuana. These instructions provide valuable insights into the detox process, including duration, dietary considerations, and recommended steps to follow. By incorporating Toxin Rid instructions into their journey, individuals can take proactive steps towards achieving their detoxification goals while prioritizing their overall well-being.

It is with these goals in mind that Montana NORML will strive to be an effective activist organization. If you'd like to help, or have questions or comments, please let us know. If you have an opinion you'd like others to hear, you can speak out on our discussion page.

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