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News Flash: Billings Gazette: Growing marijuana legal under state law, but feds remain wary

Montana Medical Marijuana Information

How the Montana Medical Marijuana Law Works:

To become a legal medical marijuana patient in Montana, you must meet all of the following criteria:
  • suffer from a qualifying condition (chronic pain, HIV, cancer, glaucoma, et al),
  • fill out two state government forms [patient & doctor] and send it in with $50

    Then, after you are approved by the state and receive your medical card, you may legally grow up to 6 plants, and possess up to one ounce of usable marijuana.

    For more detailed information, see:

  • HOWTO: Become a medical marijuana patient (PDF)
  • Talking to your Doctor
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • State Forms (download and print)

    Finding a Doctor:

    At this time we cannot provide referrals or recommendations of doctors to contact. There is no "list" of doctors. Any Montana-licensed M.D. (medical doctor) or D.O. (doctor of osteopathy) may sign the state form.

    We generally advise that you start with your current physician, since he or she knows the most about your medical status. If you suffer from a qualifying condition and your doctor is unwilling or unable to sign the form, then you can call other local doctors and inquire whether they are willing to discuss the prospect of medical marijuana with their patients.

    Before your appointment, you may want to read our Talking to your Doctor page.

    Meeting with other Patients:

    Patients & Families United is a statewide Montana support group for patients who use medical marijuana, regardless of their medical condition, and for patients who suffer from pain, whether they use medical marijuana or not.


    The law allows each registered patient to assign a single caregiver to grow/provide medical marijuana to them. This is done at the time of registration, or later, via a change request form.

    Some caregivers are actively soliciting new patients.

    A search for Montana medical marijuana caregivers yields several results, including:

  • TipTop Nursery
  • A Kinder Caregiver
  • Mobile Caregiver Dave

    These are not recommendations. Work with someone you trust.

    Finding and growing legal marijuana

    Google may help identify sources of seeds, growing equipment, and cultivation advice. Just remember that possession and growing of marijuana is always a federal crime in the United States, and so discretion is wise.
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