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About Montana NORML

What is NORML?

NORML stands for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

From the National NORML site:

Since its founding in 1970, NORML has been the principal national advocate for legalizing marijuana. During the 1970s, NORML led the successful efforts to decriminalize minor marijuana offenses in 11 states and significantly lower penalties in all others. Though the decriminalization movement eventually fell victim to the "war on drugs," NORML has remained the nation's principal organization dedicated to ending marijuana prohibition.

Today NORML serves as an informational resource to the national media on marijuana-related stories; lobbies state and federal legislators to permit the medical use of marijuana and to reject recent attempts to treat minor marijuana offenses more harshly; and serves as the umbrella group for a national network of citizen activists committed to ending marijuana prohibition.

Montana NORML

Montana NORML believes that criminal prosecution of otherwise law-abiding marijuana users is wasteful, misguided, and unjust. We believe that responsible adults should have the right to cultivate, possess, and consume marijuana at their discretion, while following some common-sense guidelines (adapted from NORML's Principles of Responsible Use).
  • Only legal adults should have access to marijuana.
  • While under the influence of marijuana, users should not drive, operate heavy machinery, or perform other tasks which could result in harm to others if performed in a careless manner.
  • Marijuana users should respect the rights of others, and not cultivate or consume marijuana in locations or situations in which others may find it offensive, distasteful, or inappropriate.

Chapter Status

Montana NORML became an official chapter of National NORML on August 8th, 1998, and we are actively seeking to expand our membership. To officially join Montana NORML, please visit our join page. We also welcome inquiries at .

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