How do I become a provider or a marijuana-infused products provider (MIPP)?

  1. First, you must not be disqualified for any reason:
    1. You have to be at least 18 years old, 50-46-302, MCA, paragraph 10(a),
    2. You cannot have a misdemeanor drug conviction or a felony of any type on your record, 50-46-308, MCA, paragraph 2.
    3. You cannot be in custody of the Department of Corrections,
    4. You must be current on any taxes or judgments due to a government agency,
    5. Not must not be in default on government-issued student loans,
    6. You must be current on any child support obligations
    7. You may not have anyone listed as your provider.
  2. Next, fill out the application provided by the state.
  3. Cut a check made payable to DPHHS/MMP for the appropriate fee.
  4. Complete two fingerprint cards for a background check.  The cards along with instructions can be obtained by calling DPHHS at 406-444-0596.
  5. If your patient is switching to you from someone else, fill out a Change Request Form.  
  6. If your patient is not yet registered with the state, it is best to combine your forms packet with theirs so that DPHHS sees it all and can set you both up at the same time.
  7. Obtain written, notarized permission from a landlord if you will be using someone else’s property for the grow space. 
  8. Send the application, check, fingerprint cards, change request form or cardholder application packet and landlord authorization form (if needed) to DPHHS at P.O. Box 202935, Helena MT  59620-2935.

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