Montana NORML: Help Wanted

Since the 70’s, NORML has been the voice for improving marijuana laws in the U.S., and now the Montana NORML chapter is seeking your help.  We are currently looking for a volunteer for the following role: 

  • Webmaster

This permanent, part-time position requires familiarity with basic web design, DNS, and knowledge of or ability to learn NationBuilder. Volunteers should expect to donate 1-3 hours per week to keep member-written content updated, ensure site functionality, and assist with database management.

Montana NORML needs to become an effective voice for regular citizens in our state. This takes a robust, broad-based group of like-minded individuals who are ready to end the failed war on marijuana. Montana has the talent — that talent needs the right environment to be heard. If you can help us build that organization, we want to hear from you! 

Please contact us at if you are interested in this position.



Montana NORML

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Ending Prohibition in Montana

MT_NORMLICONCROP.pngThe war on marijuana is now entering its final stages, and Montana NORML is gearing up to play its part. We are actively planning a voter initiative campaign for the 2016 presidential election that would tax and regulate marijuana for adults similar to Colorado’s program. We now have a financial commitment of over $500,000 toward that effort from a leading marijuana advocacy group interested in funding that campaign!

But it takes more than money, and there is much work to do. Real change can only happen if it is based on the time, energy and commitment of our supporters. In coming weeks, we will be asking for your help in forming and running several key groups to support our state-wide, multi-year campaign to put marijuana prohibition in the ground permanently.

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